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E85 now available here

North Brisbane – your E85 prayers have been answered!

I wont bother delving into the benefits of E85 here, as we have a whole section of the website dedicated to this. However, in response to the ever growing demand for performance applications, along with the new flex fuel technology available, we have decided to ensure we always have adequate stock of UNITED E85 to sell per litre.

UNITED E85 (105 octane) has consistently proven to be the most consistent E85 available at the pump, with other brands varying ethanol content anywhere from 60% up to 90%. We will also be selling it at a very reasonable price, far cheaper than any of the drum available versions – making the move to E85 and flex fuels finally worth the cost.

We also occasionally stock and have access to MARTINI RACING, SUCROGEN, ELF and POWERPLUS race E85 by the barrel, for those chasing even higher and purer E85 for full competition vehicles.

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Cal Harty said this about East Coast Customs...

"Great support, quality workmanship and they were happy to help out with all my questions and requests along the way. Will definitely come back in the future, thanks for everything guys...."

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