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Dyno Tuning Training Courses

East Coast Custom’s have developed Australia’s most intimate dyno tuning training courses.

We have developed two introductory style courses, with advance courses available on request. All courses are custom tailored for anyone from the keen beginner, to trade qualified mechanics and operators looking to take their workshop to the next level.

We have sat through all our competitors courses, meaning we know what they have to offer, and can guarantee an improved, insightful, and invaluable experience.

All courses are delivered as a 1 on 1, private session to ensure students get our trainers 100% undivided attention. For a small fee, courses may be taught to groups of 2, if students are looking to split the costs between themselves and a friend.

All courses are fully catered and come with 12 months free tune support post training.

Special penalty rates apply for weekend or after hours courses.




Cost $2495

During this intensive 1 day course, students will learn the basic principles of automotive engine operation and EFI systems, the tuning and aftermarket process, tuning for different fuels, and the basics to tuning ANY engine management platform.

The course is broken up into two parts, with the first covering fundamental theories and concepts. After lunch, the afternoon is spent on either our in house 4WD dyno or our 2WS hub dyno, with practical tuning demonstrations and examples, testing and tuning one of our very own development vehicles.

For a full outline or course overview, please contact rob@eccustoms.com


Cost $2795*

This 1 day course course is designed for students / customers who are looking to dyno tune their own vehicle – with real time results – now!

This course is essentially a combination of our introductory course, where we cover the same basic theories and components in the morning session.

In the afternoon session, we put the students own vehicle on the dyno, and spend the afternoon comprehensively tuning the students vehicle, whilst learning detailed and specific tips and instructions for the tuning the relevant tuning platform in the students vehicle.

This course is more detailed and specific to the car being tuned at the time, and will focus specifically on the engine, ecu, and platform at hand with in depth discussions and a full interactive tuning session. The student will leave not only armed with the knowledge gained from all theory concepts covered, but also with the knowledge that they helped to perfectly tune their own vehicle, and are then armed with all the tools for future development of their own vehicle.


*Final price may depends on vehicle tune requirements and software licensing / hardware costs etc

*Special penalty rates apply for courses run on weekends

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Troy Tesolin said this about East Coast Customs...

"I own a holden statesman V8 series II sedan and have been taking it to a genuine holden dealership for its servicing for about 4 years now. Approx. 2 years ago...I picked my car up after a service and they, much to my utter disgust and dissapointment, altered the timing to increase its' so called performance. From the time I drove it out there car yard.....my machine was never the same againg....idling rough, stuttering, choking and was literally running like you were literally driving it over a cattle grid.. To this end, I took the car back on about 5 occasions and they continuously modified / changed the timing...but to no avail...the car was very sick !! I decided to take things into my own hands and came across this great business called ECC - at Northgate....I told the manager, Ryan the history of the car and the current status with respect to its performance and what it was doing....I gave him the service records and a folder of written information by myself that he found very useful. Today....my car literally runs like a V8 sewing machine....it is so very very very smooth and Ryan is the BEST operator that I have ever had the joy of dealing with....His personality, knowledge and desire to achieve the BEST outcome for his customer consumes him....and I for one, am just so grateful that I came cross ECC on the internet. Well done mate...you and your team really know your stuff !!!!! I am now using ECC for all my servicing in the future...."

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