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  1. Ryan Bristowe says:

    Ryan here awsome job guys brought in my ve ss 06 with full exhuast and otr cai made 60kw!! for a nice 257.6kw thanks alot guys runs smooth sounds great will recomend

  2. Kieron says:

    Hi guys,
    Had my 2011 E3 VE HSV GTS in just for a OTR CAI & an ECU TUNE and got 40 rwkw gains. Great staff, full of knowledge and I will be back for a stage 2 cam package/full exaust system/supercharger. Just need to save some more coin.
    Great job fellas I’ve recommended ECC to all my friends.

  3. Paul mcnee says:

    Just like to thank ECC for the work they did on my vdj79 cruiser ute ,fitted a Unichip Q4 with injector drivers and a 5 map tune,the ute is a great to drive with a shit load more power and torque .
    But the most pleasing thing was the service I got from ECC,I was recommended to use them and iam glad I did ,they really know there stuff and are sensationally to deal with.

    Thanks again

  4. David says:

    Had my vf ssv redline ute in for headers, cats and tune and now it is a completely different vehicle to drive. So much more torque. I was dissapointed with car before work done, now I love it. Thanks for the good work. I will definitely be getting more work done when I’m able to.
    David B.

  5. Troy Tesolin says:

    I own a holden statesman V8 series II sedan and have been taking it to a genuine holden dealership for its servicing for about 4 years now.

    Approx. 2 years ago…I picked my car up after a service and they, much to my utter disgust and dissapointment, altered the timing to increase its’ so called performance. From the time I drove it out there car yard…..my machine was never the same againg….idling rough, stuttering, choking and was literally running like you were literally driving it over a cattle grid..

    To this end, I took the car back on about 5 occasions and they continuously modified / changed the timing…but to no avail…the car was very sick !!

    I decided to take things into my own hands and came across this great business called ECC – at Northgate….I told the manager, Ryan the history of the car and the current status with respect to its performance and what it was doing….I gave him the service records and a folder of written information by myself that he found very useful.

    Today….my car literally runs like a V8 sewing machine….it is so very very very smooth and Ryan is the BEST operator that I have ever had the joy of dealing with….His personality, knowledge and desire to achieve the BEST outcome for his customer consumes him….and I for one, am just so grateful that I came cross ECC on the internet.

    Well done mate…you and your team really know your stuff !!!!!

    I am now using ECC for all my servicing in the future.

  6. Shaun says:

    Got a haltec and plazmaman plenum fitted on my r33..Was kept informed throughout and no hidden costs. Excellent (if not the best) customer service from rob and even better quality work from the guys..definitely will be back for more work.

  7. peter marsh says:

    ECC recently completed a cam package and re tune for me on my WM Caprice. They are an awsum bunch of guys that really know what they are doing. They exceeded my expectations and i would highly recommend them to anyone..

  8. Tristan Smith says:

    The guys at ECC recently tuned my 335i BMW and placed on a cat back exhaust system.
    From the time I made my enquiry until the time I picked up the car Rob and the crew have been awesome…. great communication from quoting stage through to collection of my car and after . By the way they turned my car from a nice drive to an animal.
    Thanks guys …

  9. Blake says:

    The guys at ECC are all great to deal withand have been from day one, always willing to help and give advice to any question I could even think to ask. Absolutely cannot recommend them more highly!

  10. Byron says:

    Massive thanks to East Coast for finishing my s13. When i dropped the car to them it was half finished with parts missing everywhere. They managed to source the missing parts along with custom fabbing alot of bits too. Definatly recommand using ecc!

  11. Gary Nelson says:

    A big thank you to the team, couldn’t be happier with the cam package done on my vz ss 5.7 , the cam has increased the horsepower dramaticly & improved the economy no end, the cam makes driving a dream.Thanks again Team ECC.

  12. adam ross says:

    It was my first time putting my car into a big name shop and couldn’t be happier. Excellent customer service, they were always happy to answer my questions and give me updates on my car. I had a new computer installed in my car and the tune and driveability was second to none, great workman ship at a very reasonable price. 10/10 will be going back.

  13. Cal Harty says:

    Great support, quality workmanship and they were happy to help out with all my questions and requests along the way. Will definitely come back in the future, thanks for everything guys.

  14. Marc says:

    Just had a new cam package installed and tuned in my SSV. ECC done am awesome job it sounds sick and goes. Definitely recommend them they done a great job. Will definitely be going back to ECC for more modifications

  15. Matthew Coleman says:

    Rob and the team at ECC have worked on my S15 multiple times. From general servicing to installing a Nistune board, bov and gauges etc. Their workmanship and quality of service are nothing short of excellent.

    When my car was leaking some oil after being on the dyno they took the time to make sure that the recently installed sandwich plate was fitted and adjusted correctly, so that no more oil would leak. They also took the time to stay late at the workshop so that my Nistune could be completed and ready for me that afternoon.

    I have asked Matt and Rob tedious amounts of questions regarding parts and tuning. Each time they have been more than happy to discuss my options or helped me to change the scope of my build, which is what I was ultimately looking for.

    The team at ECC are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. I will definitely be visiting them in the near future again :)

  16. Yetti says:

    The team at ECC have looked after me from day one, I rang with a problem and the boys were quite happy to speak to me on the phone and tell me all my options to fix the issue. The problem I found with most other places is that they just wanted me to bring the car in and charge me dyno time to fix the problem they created and still not sort out the issue.

    I recently got my car back from ECC and she is an absolute weapon now and Rob and the boys have ironed out all her tuning issues to give me one hell of a car. I recommend ECC to everyone and will be returning when the time comes to supercharge the girl

    Cheers Yetti

  17. Alex says:

    I usually go to a specialist at Southside to get my import serviced but when I saw they were closed, a friend recommended East Coast Customs to me. I found their service great and will definately be returning to them soon to fix up and improve the performance on my 300ZX.

  18. Dan Burleigh says:

    Had some work done at the end of 2012 and the guys at ECC were really helpful and did a great job with my VZ SS, its now rocking around with the new cam, 3″ exhaust and OTR. When people ask where I got the work done, I am happy to tell them that ECC is the place to go.
    When the funds allow it I will be returning for more work.

  19. Matthew Plane says:

    Well I’m here again , and Fuk yer! I might not be your oldest or bigest customer but I’m still your customer hahah , ever since that bright yellow r33 and the first time I was talkin with you boys at the old shop I felt like I was actually someone ..no knowledge … Still not much knowledge but always treated AWESOME !! Never made to feel like nothing but made to feel prowed of who I am and what my car is … I have the utmost respect for all the boys at east coast and I will be a very happy customer for a long time to come , just the honesty and help and knowledge I have gained thiswhole time i have been a customer/friend is incredible , calling up to see If the car I have found is gonna be any good and Benny taking it for a drive befor I buy tellin me its a piece of shit is awesome…… All Hail The King …. EaST COasT CuStOmS

  20. Renee says:

    I have a vrx pajero and while this car is not a high performance vehicle the ECC team still took it on and picked up things my mechanic for the last year should have noticed. I had them also install a tunit chip in it as my car is pretty gutless haha. Great group of guys and they really know their stuff. Recommend them to anyone. Many of my mates with hotted up cars go there but I’m proof they take anything and not just for modifications :).

  21. Mitch imber says:

    I been talking to ben and rob for about 6months about doing work to my 2011 maloo. They have both been really helpful and exlained everything i need to know. They now do all my services as im very careful about my car i only want the best to work on it. hopefully april i will have the money to send it in to the guys and get them to work there magic on it. only shop i trust with my pride and joy

  22. Anna Mason says:

    When i first got my Subaru, I knew I wanted to lower it. Matt spent a few hours going through all the options and methods with me and thoroughly explained the whole procedure and what to expect and look out for after it was lowered. I ended up choosing coilovers, and totally love how the car sits and handles with them.

    When it came time to actually install the coilovers on the car, Matt and Sam constantly kept me updated and confirmed what height I wanted and adjusted everything to be perfect.

    Also, more recently, I once again entrusted Matt with my car (exhaust repair through an insurance claim) and as before, he rang me to let me know what they were going to do, and gave me a few options with the repair and explained what was going to happen.

    Im not entirely sure what Matt and the boys did while repairing the exhaust (UEL headers etc) but when I got it back, it sounded deeper and louder then before.

    I have had extremely unfortunate experiences with workshops and repairers, but these experiences with Matt and ECC has totally blown my mind. I am still utterly amazed at how patient and informative everyone was with me while I asked dozens of questions about every little detail.

    I 100% recommend ECC (and have been recommending to everyone) and I will definitely be back when I break something else on the suby.

  23. Martin Stanley says:

    Thank you guys, just got the car back with a bit of extra boost and the new fuel system and it definately puts a smile on my face! My friends and I have used East Coast for a few different cars now and the work has always been up to the highest standards. Communication was a standout during the whole process, before, during and after sales. I highly reccomend them to anyone, they are one of the best performance shops I have used, especially in the QLD area and I wIill be going back to them again.

    Thank you


  24. Sam Linde says:

    Hi, I had been looking at getting an UpRev ecu reflash on my V35 for some time… nowhere in Queensland to be found. Until I saw that ECC had become partners with Uprev (congratulations) and were now taking customers for the new reflashing. After spending a good half hour on the phone talking about potential power, cars and mods, I locked it in. The customer service was brilliant, everything was explained and laid out, and I could tell they genuinely wanted to make their customers happy. I took my car in for the reflash. Going from 150ishrwkw due to running rich, they found the issue in the MAF sensor, fixed it up and away it went, tuning from a baseline of 162rwkw to making a very nice 175 and max 179 rwkw. I honestly could not have been happier, and I knew the boys at ECC were extremely happy as well. Making sure I was 100% happy with the results and the improved responsiveness the entire time. 10% power increase and a 15% torque increase. Wow. Followed by a courtesy call to make sure the car was running well I will recommend ECC straight away, any day to people. I will be back to you guys for future mods and tuning. Job well done. Cheers

  25. Michael Sanderson says:

    Hi All, (Apologies to all on the long winded testimonial, very hard to put it all into a short spiel)
    I was introduced to East Coast Customs through a friend of the family who just had his HSV Senator cammed, at the time I was looking for a reputable company to Cam my wife’s 6.2L HSV Clubby and Supercharge my 6.2L HSV GTS. I had been looking around for a while and was given various options and prices to do the work required. I approached East Coast for their advise. Rob spoke to me at length as to options available, I’m not a mechanic so a lot of what Rob initially said went over my head so Rob dumbed it down so I understood. From the moment I made a commitment to have the cars done I have been unbelievably impressed with the service and quality of work provided by East Coast, my car was fitted with the new design Yella Terra 2.9L Blower, Stage 4 cam pack, Twin Plate clutch, Rip Shifter and a variety of other bits and pieces to pull it all together and my wife had a stage 4 Cam pack fitted, the Blower was a headache from the start as far as getting one, Yella Terra to their credit would not release their new model until it was right. Matty kept me informed all the way through the procurement process until he had a confirmed commitment the blower was on the way. As I work close to East Coast I dropped in the first day just to get an update, I was standing at the roller door looking in when Matty said come in we will show you what we are doing, I was somewhat hesitant as most mechanics don’t like you looking over their shoulder. This was the first time I met Ben, Ben is not only part owner he is also the head mechanic (what more could you ask for owners being Mechanics and Dino tuners). Ben talked me through what he is doing and the reasons he was doing it, I learnt more about the dynamics of an engine in one week than I have picked up over my life time. I called in average twice a day to just have a look to see how things were progressing and Rob, Ben, Matty and the team were always pleasant and informative of what they were up to, as this was the first fit up of the new Yella Terra Blower to a HSV there were a few minor issues that Ben needed to overcome, which he did with great results.
    I can’t stress enough the quality workmanship and service I received from East Coast, as an example, East coast had to remove my exhaust system to replace the clutch, they notice a poor weld job where I had had a hot dog removed from my hurricane exhaust system by a reputable exhaust company (Wasn’t completely welded, they used exhaust silicone to fill up the join) Ben advised they would weld it up before refit. When I returned on another visit the exhaust was in but they were cutting these sections out, I enquired why and Dan advised their weld look terrible as the silicone jammed in the join was causing the weld to splatter, when I spoke to Rob he advised it looked unprofessional and they are replacing both sections with new 3 inch pipe about a metre long each at no charge, they could have just welded the old pipe up and I would have been none the wiser, this is just one of the areas there quality of work and service stands out as a number of them come to light through the week. As they say ‘when you are on a good thing stick to it’ I already have my sons SS booked in next week for an OTR and maffless tune. All I can say is give them a go, you won’t be disappointed.
    I end here with this one parting comment, tell East Coast what you want and listen to their suggestion, I did and can’t be happier with the results. My wife’s and my car went in with an average of 380hp at the wheels, my wife’s left with a respectable 433hp at the wheels (already had an OTR), mine left with 580hp at the wheels, mine has a lot more to go but we capped it at 580 to protect the standard bottom end and heads.
    To Rob, Ben , Matty and the boys, with the quality of work and service you provide your business will go far, and congratulations in your new relationship with UPREV Engine Management Solutions in the United States, for UPREV to get on board and East Coast the only Protuner on the East Coast is impressive.

  26. Arrow Theerawanit says:

    I was in the market looking for someone to tune my car, the car was a non turbo Supra. After hearing good feedback from a couple of friends, I decided to give East Coast Customs a call. Within a couple of days, I had my car booked in (Getting an SAF-C tuned). Half an hour of tuning went by and Rob managed to get a safe 148.9kW out of the car, from a previous 131.2kW. I was very impressed with the final outcome as was he. They had a very professional set-out workshop, with awesome customer service to compliment it. I would not hesitate to take my cars there again. And would like to extend my word on how experienced and proficient these guys are.

  27. Jon Luu says:

    I purchased an exhaust for my Mitsubishi Lancer Evo which required welding etc; in order for the exhaust to fit properly and searched around to whom does reputable work. I was referred to East Coast Customs by a personal friend (CON35 180SX), My initial impression of the workshop was, organised, clean and the staff were friendly and helpful. I was picky on how I wanted the exhaust to sit so it took about 20 minutes of remove and refit. The exhaust technician was very patient. The end result, I was happy and will be getting Rob to tune my 2.4L motor once it’s been all put together!.

  28. Steven says:

    Hi team, again would just like to thank you guys for the great work performed on my r33. its running great with no problems. highly recommended with matty at the front desk always lending a hand and advice with benny and rob being great easy going guys helping with information and great workmanship. i will surely be back in the future for any work on my car.


  29. Chris MacFarlane says:

    I took my XR6 turbo to them as it was running very rough. I explained to Benny that I had previously replaced plugs, fuel filter and given it a fuel system flush but had given up on trying to find where the problem lay. Whilst most mechanics would probably rub their hands together and concoct a story in an attempt to fleece me of my money, Ben diagnosed the fault within 5 minutes! The car has now been fixed (was a severe vacuum leak) and I couldn’t be happier. My wife actually just rang me to say that she thought she was driving the wrong car! (much to her delight)… so thanks to Rob, Benny and the boys for a top job.

  30. Aaron Mengel says:

    East coast customs are hands down the most approachable performance shop around, I have recently had a full cam and head package fitted and tuned by east coast customs on a ve ssv ute, not only were they great to deal with when the car was getting done, but before hand also, rob sat down with me for hours on ends talking and explaining to me about different packages and deals he could do and which would be most beneficial for the purpose I was chasing. Since having the work done they have been in contact to see how the car has been performing. The quality of workmanship, communication and professionalism is un beatable. If I was to list everything good about these guys I would be here all day. But A+ in there field and will be back for more work soon!

  31. DAMO says:


  32. Nathan Murdoch says:

    Dropped my track 180 down to the
    Guys at east coast to be tuned on short notice.
    Had my car back the same day making over
    200rwkw. Couldn’t be test driven as no rego,
    And the car has not missed a beat on track since.

    If your car is at eastcoast and a problem arises on
    The dyno, the guys will go to every possible length
    To get it finished on time. Would have to be somthing
    Mega serious for them to call and say it couldn’t be finished.

    Will only be recommending these guys to my friends and to anyone I help with there car.

  33. Matt Hluszko says:

    Rob, Benny and the boys always do a swell job fixing my shitbox when I’ve broken it once again. Their service, workmanship and all that other stuff is like top notch and stuff. And their all really handsome motherfuckers. So go to ECC or your shitbox will stay in the driveway and you won’t be surrounded by good looking men!!!!!

  34. Rick says:

    Hi guys i recently had Rob & Ben supercharge my ssv V8 ute and couldnt be happier, from day one Rob was only to happy to answer any question i had as well as keeping me up to date while the build was in progress. Their workmanship was great and I can highly recommend ECC for any V8 modifications required. I look forward to getting more great work done at ECC and would definitly point you in their direction, cheers..

  35. Michael Holzworth says:

    Rob was fantastic when diagnosing the problem with my 180. He had it back on the road driving better than ever in no time at all. Great customer service!

    Will not be going anywhere else to have work done

  36. Paul Brooks says:

    I’d like thank Rob, Ben and the rest of the team down at East Coast Customs, they have been awesome to deal with and extremely profesional and approachable and answered all questions I threw their way. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough! And will not take my car or for that matter my missus “sensible” car any where else. I’m now proudly driving a crazy VY SS around with more mods to come, cheers lads.

  37. Angelo P says:

    To the Boys,

    Have known Rob and Benny since first shop many many years ago, knowing minimal about cars I seekd advice and service that has carried on through the many years, the different cars and amount of money spent still doesn’t justify the service and now friendship I recieve and have from Rob, Benny and the new boys that have joined and left over the years.
    Always have and always will take my cars too these boys, wouldnt trust anyone else too do my work. They are always more than happy too help and discuss any issue i have with my cars or the direction I need too take too achieve my goal with my car.
    Reccomend these boys too anyone that wants a service too a full rebuild on their car and I take pride in bearing their stickers on my car!

  38. Jesse says:

    First visited ECC in 2008 and was immediately impressed. Rob & Ben are two of the nicest sincere blokes I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with, by far the best shop experience I’ve had in Brisbane to date. These guys have slogged their guts out for years, done the hard yards, the late nights every night, and their new workshop & facilities is well deserved.

    In short, they listen, they know what they are doing, their workmanship is top notch. Give them a go, you’ll be going back!

  39. Paul Brunckhorst says:

    ECC came highly recommended as the place to take my newly acquired R33 for an inspection and mods. Needless to say they didn’t let me down, picking up several issues that were missed in the roadworthy and then sorting them out plus some additional work at a great price and with a quick turnaround. I’ll definitely be back in the future!

  40. Drezo says:

    Thought i would write up a bit of a speil for the boys at Eastcoast Customs,

    Just received my S14a off these guys after a very extensive rebuild,
    cannot recommend enough, Rob has put up with a million questions from me through emails and phonecalls, and he always has time to answer and nut out plans of attack, Rob spent hours tuning my car for run in and powertuning and i am very very happy with the result, car is snappy and sounds crispy like an sr should :) Also had dan make some twin 3 inch drift pipes which look and sound awesome not to mention all the other parts such as intercooler piping, front dump pipe, screamer which they plumbed back for me (to keep car po po friendly) new ecu, the list goes on.
    I Cant recommend these guys enough, Rob, Benny, Dan, Sam and Nev, what a great team :)
    I will be back and will be recommending you guys to all that ask me about my car. ECC for the win!!

  41. Nick S says:

    After looking back on my history with modified cars, I didn’t realise how big a part ECC really played. Starting over 4 years ago with my original 68NGR, assisting me with planning, budgeting, and building.

    They were also very gracious enough to allow me to store that car at their workshop after the project met an unfortunate end with a wall, when I had nowhere else to take it. This is service beyond service.

    Now back with 68NGR – Take 2, ECC have taken this unusual build with unbelieveable dedication, and the outcome to date has been beyond expectations, with quality of parts, quality of service and quality of build. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it better.

    Very welcoming atmosphere and its awesome to see that Rob, Benny and the boys get just as excited about their builds as their customers do. Apart from showing their dedication to the industry, it really shows they care about what they do.

    This is the one and only workshop I’ve ever recommended to anyone I know, and I will continue to do so. Anyone reading this… HIGHLY RECOMMEND (Even though I don’t know you).

  42. Matt.P says:

    You guys really do a awesome job , really sorted out that yellow R33 off mine ( sucks i had to sell it :( ).
    I will always come back to you guys.
    For anyone reading this that is not sure about these guys…. They know there shit, there honest and very helpful you will not find a better workshop than theirs.Keep up the good work!! talk soon….. PEACE

  43. Ben Deacon says:

    I currently own a 2006 VZ HSV, I dropped it off to Ben and Rob and what a service did they provide!! with a cam package to suit, the guys got great power from my car and customer service that I havent seen from other performance shops, I will be back in the near future and recommend them to anyone :)

    – Ben Deacon

  44. Noel says:

    ECC have always looked after me, from servicing to anything i’ve ever needed they are always willing to listen and help out wherever possible. Never had a problem with them, Rob and Benny are great guys to talk to an even better mechanics.

  45. Peter Meade says:

    Dear Rob
    As you came as a personal recommendation from a friend at work, I had reservations about using your services. After my first meeting with you, I felt that you would do a good job and appreciated all the advice given on fitiing the Harrop supercharger to my clubby. Come dyno time, you worked through the problems that arose and kept me informed of how things were progressing, a very professional approach that instilled confidence. Your knowledge and passion for all things V8 is amazing and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.
    Many thanks for all your help!

  46. Robby says:

    After owning a few competitive cars, 15 mins on the dyno with Rob i knew more about my car and its drivability than with anyone else. My Federal Sil80 went in for a Nistune, and a tidy up. The ECC Teams workmanship and professionalism is remarkable.

    No undertaking the build on my 2JZ powered R34, i wouldn’t trust it in the hands of anyone else.

    Not to mention the General work on our Mazda 3, Triton, Navara… Id recommend ECC to anyone!

    Thanks Guys…

  47. Brett D says:

    I have been taking my s15 to Rob and the guys at ECC for almost 4 years.
    I have used them from everything from a simple or major service through to modifications to my car.
    ECC have always been upfront honest and reliable with everything they have ever done.
    I recommend them to anyone who is looking for any work to be done to their car.

  48. Tiffany halcoop says:

    Hey Ben & rob, I have been a customer since 2005 . You first proved your excellent workmanship when I had 51pry’s gearbox changed, clutch, exhaust and then the 3071r turbo conversion done on my rb25.
    Most recently I had you guys finish off my 1jz-gte vvti fab work and tuning. It was a pain in the job to do but but rob made the magic happen on the dyno. The j32 is still going sweet since. You Said “NO EXCUSES NOW TIFF” on the track and on saturday I took out 2nd in stadium drift street class, so needless to say it’s going awesome! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support over the years and I will continue to recommend you to everyone.
    See you on the track!

  49. Neil Gregson says:

    Ecc have been amazing in the time ive dealt with them. My first workshop that i have dealt with and they were the only workshop to actually listen and suggest the correct parts and services for my car. Fantasic Service, Fanatastic People will always be getting my work done through them and will go out of my way to bring people to the shop.

    Thanks alot Guys

  50. Excellent service!!! we have 5 new car brands including Holden and 200+ used cars!! We use to do all of our performance engine work at another very well known performance shop in Brisbane and since we got introduced to the guys at east coast customs, we have never gone back!!! They’re better on quality, time AND price!!! we have done numerous brand new ve ss utes and sedans (both series 1 and 2) with quick turn overs and excellent communication!! We have also done some bigger work with used hsv’s and even got the boys at ecc to fix other shops poor tunes and work. If anyone mentions performance work, we always point them in the right direction, from turbo 4’s to v8’s!! Definately rate them and stand by their work! Keep it up boys!!!

  51. I was the 2nd customer to walk in the door at East Coast Customs many years ago when they first opened for business. Since then they have moved to a bigger and better premise as their business has grown to be hugely successful due to awesome service and quality of work. They have worked on my 180sx, sil80 and s1480, seen it through CA18, RB20 and RB25 conversions, and now my S15 which is more dedicated race car than street car. The addition of the dyno brings the shop almost to completion as far as a one-stop-shop goes. Things don’t always go to plan such is the nature of modifying cars, but Rob, Ben and the ECC team are always there to fix it and provide expert advice!

  52. Jorge says:

    I’ve known Rob for a looong time and been dealing with him on a regular basis regarding cars!! I won’t take my car anywhere else and I work at a car dealership that has a service centre!! ECC has helped me with anything i need on my car and they don’t just try to jam you with the most expensive thing!!! they tell you what’s going to be most relevant for what your after!!! Highly rated and send ALL of my mates there!!! Wont go anywhere else!!! Good work boys!!!

  53. Matt B says:

    Rob is the bomb tuner

    Ive been taking my R31 R33 for tunes and have alwase left with a smile

    Recently just took my new ss thunder ute for intake exaust and tune and have been blown away
    on how much power increase it had and how much smoother it drives with same fuel consumtion.

  54. Nathan SIevers says:

    Currently the proud owner of, the Ec customs B4llA r34, after the vehicle was written in the North QLD floods, it went back home to be looked after by the guys. I recommend them to anyone, V8 or import owners. Currently the car is back down there getting so crazy stuff done. i currently live 11hours away from Brisbane and wouldn’t take my pride and joy any where else!

  55. Ryan says:

    I have been taking my r32 skyline to the Ecc boys for the last 6 years and will not let anyone else touch my car. Their knowledge on all things mechanical is second to none, you will be silly to take it to any one else.

  56. Eddy says:

    ECC are hands down one I the leading performance shops in SEQLD. Rob and Benny done an awesome job with my VU SS Ute and their tuning was lightyears ahead of everyone I’ve had attempt to tune it. I recommend ECC to everybody I know looking to tune or modify there ride. The guys are currently building my mates 7L LSX427 SS and to see the work they have done with this very serious build is f&$@ing unbelievable!!!
    Use these dudes yo!!!

  57. Louie says:

    Hey guys

    Ecc did a head cam and manifold package on my vy ss ute. They sat me down and talked about what mods they could do and how much power they could get out of it. I would recommend eec to who every wonts performance work done there a great bunch of blokes

    Thanks guys for working on my ute

  58. Nick Wirth says:

    Eastcoast customs are hands down the best high performance shop in Australia. They’ve done all the work on my R32 and i could not ask for a more professional team. They’re always on time, work is nothing but the best quality and they provide great customer service. For anyone requiring work to your vehicle, Eastcoast is the place for you. Thanks guys!

  59. Tim Hush says:

    I have been a customer of East coast customs since not long after they opened, I have had everything done on my 180sx through the company to the tune of 100 thousand dollars plus. They put up with my inane questions with a smile and over the years have become some of my best mates. I trust no other mechanics with the family cars and will continue to be a customer until I the day I die.

  60. Michael Brook says:

    I have been taking my 180sx to Rob and Benny at east coast customs for several years now. Initially they were just doing minor work for me which I was always happy with the quality and helpfulness and advice given.  I had said to Rob for years I was going to do the 180 up completely and turn it into a beast one day and about 18 months ago the engine finally blew and it was time to begin.  In consultation with Rob we came up with a plan and goals for the car  and 18 months on she was reborn better then ever and exactly how I wanted it. Cant thank East Coast Customs enough for all the work which was done, much of which was done after normal working hours in there own time. The guys still contact me now to make sure everything is running well and if there’s any dramas with the car . I Highly recommend East Coast Customs to any one looking for high performance modifications, general services or even if you just want to discuss options.  The quality of work , attention to detail, and general helpfulness is second to none.

  61. Peter Flanders says:

    The guys at ECC tuned my VY SENATOR and it has never been better my car will be seen around there shop for alot more work because i know how much they put into there work and trust there judgment and advice

  62. Toby Duffill says:

    During August 2011 we took our 1999 DAIHATSU Charade into Eastcoast Customs to get an exhaust made for it. The car is used for Street Sprints and Hillclimb events, and the new exhaust gave a noticeable gain in performance along with a great note. While not a great turbo or monster V8 the guys still put in the effort and treated us right! Ben rang me three days later just to make sure I was happy with the system, excellent customer service. As we drove away my wife remarked “wow, how professional they are”. When the finances allow we will be going back for more work. Thanks guys.

  63. Alastair Tymon says:

    ecc done a great job on my s13, was pretty mental by the time rob and the boys finished it, highly recommended tuner!

  64. Ben Crimmins says:

    hey team,

    I have been a customer of yours even for simple things ie dyno runs etc. I have found east coast customs to be fantasic to deal with and are on the ball no matter what.

    I’m currently getting a project car together and have been bombarding the team with plenty of questions and no matter what they have given me the time to get the right answers and help me out where possible.

    I will constantly keep going back to them and i will always highly recommend them. After having dealt with a few other places ecc doesnt stuff around.

    Thanks guys


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