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Vehicle Servicing

It is no secret that servicing and regular maintenance is the key to a long and reliable life from your vehicle. With a high performance, or modified vehicle, this becomes even more imperative.

East Coast Customs use only the best quality service parts and lubricants to ensure your vehicle receives the care and maintenance it deserves. Experience with your specific vehicle allows us to identify known problems, as well as apply known, effective techniques to ensure optimal reliability. Specific checklists and protocols are followed for every vehicle to ensure a thorough inspection and attention to detail second to none.

Despite our reputation as one of Australia’s premier performance garages, here at East Coast Customs we also pay homage to simple beginnings, by doing the simple, bread and butter things to with the same high level of quality and care as everything else we do.

There is often a misconception that as a high performance garage, we either do not do general maintenance and servicing on regular cars, or that if we do, the costs will be astronomical due to the specialized nature of our performance upgrades.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth – If we’re qualified enough to ensure reliability and quality in high performance race cars under the most extreme conditions, we’re also more than equipped to maintain and repair your everyday street cars (and tow cars!).

At East Coast Customs, we offer a full range of servicing and general mechanical services, including new and used car logbook services, minor servicing, preventative maintenance inspections, as well as major and performance servicing needs.

The very same technicians, recognized as some of the best in the highly scrutinized performance enhancement industry, are the very same technicians who will be responsible for inspecting and caring for even the minutest of your general servicing needs, all whilst using the most advanced equipment available in the industry today.

Our servicing and maintenance services fall into three general categories:

Firstly, we offer what we coin our PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE inspections. This service is perfect for intermediate servicing and inspection needs, and essentially involves one of our highly trained technicians inspecting your vehicles in order to identify and/ or highlight any potential issues or areas of concern, BEFORE they have a chance to escalate to a more pertinent or expensive issue.

This service is perfect for someone who has just purchased a new car (we also offer a comprehensive “pre purchase” inspection), or for the motorist who may get that feeling that “something just isn’t quite right” with their car, but may be a long way off their next scheduled service.

Secondly, we offer full LOGBOOK servicing, for both new and used vehicles. With highly trained, fully qualified technicians, using OE approved parts, consumables, and following OE protocols, we can offer complete manufacturer warranty backed logbook servicing, at a fraction of the cost of the same service at your local dealership or general mechanical franchise.

For non-logbook requirements, we offer our GENERAL, PREMIUM, and PERFORMANCE service packages.

Our MINOR and PREMIUM service packages entails our highly trained technicians inspecting and servicing your vehicle in line with our in house servicing policies and protocols, whilst using the latest and most sophisticated servicing and diagnostic tools available – once again, all at a fraction of the cost of the same service at your local dealership or general mechanical franchise

Our PERFORMANCE service takes our other servicing packages to the next level, and involves highly comprehensive testing, diagnostics, and inspection procedures, over and above anything else offered by any of our competition – bar none! Every component of your vehicle is inspected and tested, leaving nothing to chance, ensuring complete peace of mind and continued motoring reliability and satisfaction.

All services and supplied with a full inspection report ,  logbooks and warranty forms completed (if applicable) and any issues or points of notice explained in detail, in language you can understand, by our friendly staff.

Finally, to ensure 100% total satisfaction and peace of mind, whilst adopting a “leave nothing to chance” mentality, we also offer a range of SERVICE UPGRADE options, available as an upgrade to any service booked (*some upgrade options already included in certain service packages) – using the most advanced, up to date, specialty automotive and diagnostic equipment available.

With over 25 specialty upgrades / options available, you can rest assured that at East Coast Customs, all your servicing, inspection, and maintenance needs are well and truly covered.

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Mitch imber said this about East Coast Customs...

"I been talking to ben and rob for about 6months about doing work to my 2011 maloo. They have both been really helpful and exlained everything i need to know. They now do all my services as im very careful about my car i only want the best to work on it. hopefully april i will have the money to send it in to the guys and get them to work there magic on it. only shop i trust with my pride and joy..."

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