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Why Dyno?

All cars, both new and old, are typically in a state of mistune as delivered from the factory. The factory conservative generic tune is provided to account for poor fuel, harsh environmental and inconsistent conditions and allows for the wide range of tolerances that today’s cars are delivered with.

Older cars may also go out of tune due to damaged or wearing components and / or failing sensors or other mechanical and electrical parts.

For those of you that like to look after your car and do tend to use a better quality fuel, and are conscious about the day to day running of your car, then a custom dyno tune is the way to go.

A custom tune will improve not only the day to day performance and driving of the vehicle but also reduce fuel costs. This will in turn help to save the environment by reducing harmful greenhouse gases and your carbon footprint, as well as put a smile on your face every time you drive your car :)

A custom dyno tune optimizes your engines operating parameters, ensuring optimum performance and efficiency. The dynamometer provides print-outs of the torque and power characteristics of the engine through the engine revolution range. The graphs can be used to determine the optimum speed or revolutions for gear changes to suit your driving style, whether it is for optimum acceleration, optimum towing ability or optimum fuel efficiency.

There are two basic ways to tune an engine: by the seat of your pants, or by using an engine dynamometer (or just “dyno” for short). If you want to be absolutely sure that your engine is performing at it’s maximum potential and within reasonable and safe limits, it is necessary to have it tuned on a dyno.

The team at East Coast Customs use the latest technology coupled with years of racing experience and mechanical knowledge, to get the most out of your engine SAFELY.

This is very important, because if an engine is not tuned by professionals who understand the capabilities of your engine and vehicle, there is a high probability the end result will be damage to your engine, your car, or even worse, yourself.


The dyno allows the operator to ensure that the engine is running safely and that conditions which cause premature wear or breakage are identified. Tuning and diagnostic tasks are done under the same conditions in which the car is driven. Loads can be varied and different conditions simulated – such as towing, driving uphill, freeway driving etc. Added benefits of the dyno are the the ability to hold the vehicle at full throttle at any speed, diagnose vibrations and rattles or test the vehicle in a number of conditions without the risk of traffic.

Time on the dyno can generally be broken into a few various categories:


The dyno operator is able to use the carefully calibrated equipment to measure the air/fuel ratio at any rev range enabling the engine to be tuned to be neither too lean (damaging) nor too rich (un-economic and power draining). He is also able to diagnose symptoms such as power drops, poor operation, flat spots, incorrect EFI settings and identify where peak power and torque is produced. The stability of the rolling road also allows the diagnosis of shakes, rattles and other disturbances without having to concentrate on surrounding traffic.

Dyno Runs

Dyno runs are appropriate for people who would like to know how much horsepower/torque your vehicle is generating at the wheels. We perform 3 runs to establish a baseline for horsepower and torque. You will receive a printed copy of the data we log for those 3 runs. This procedure does not tune your vehicle, but is merely a diagnostic and informative tool. Power runs cost $110 for 3 runs.

Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning involves full remapping of the ECU (std / aftermarket / stand alone / piggy back), which will allow us to optimize the engine to safely generate a desired (usually maximum) torque value at all sites through which an engine operates. We manipulate the ECU controlled spark, injection, and various other parameters to adjust for optimum idle control, throttle response, cold start control, as well as our beloved WOT (wide open throttle) performance. Dyno tuning rates are $250 per hour.


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Sam Linde said this about East Coast Customs...

"Hi, I had been looking at getting an UpRev ecu reflash on my V35 for some time... nowhere in Queensland to be found. Until I saw that ECC had become partners with Uprev (congratulations) and were now taking customers for the new reflashing. After spending a good half hour on the phone talking about potential power, cars and mods, I locked it in. The customer service was brilliant, everything was explained and laid out, and I could tell they genuinely wanted to make their customers happy. I took my car in for the reflash. Going from 150ishrwkw due to running rich, they found the issue in the MAF sensor, fixed it up and away it went, tuning from a baseline of 162rwkw to making a very nice 175 and max 179 rwkw. I honestly could not have been happier, and I knew the boys at ECC were extremely happy as well. Making sure I was 100% happy with the results and the improved responsiveness the entire time. 10% power increase and a 15% torque increase. Wow. Followed by a courtesy call to make sure the car was running well I will recommend ECC straight away, any day to people. I will be back to you guys for future mods and tuning. Job well done. Cheers..."

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