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XR6T Performance Packages

Looking to extract more power from your Ford XR6 Turbo / FPV Turbo?

Here at East Coast Customs, we have spent countless hours researching and developing the best performance packages to help enhance your vehicle, from a simple upgrade to a out and out monster.

We have carefully designed and selected the following upgrade packages, using only the best quality parts in what we have found to be the most modular and efficient path in our pursuit of modification, in both terms of performance and budget.


It should be noted here that earlier models (BA and series 1 BF) were plagued with notoriously weak and unreliable valve springs from factory, and there may be times where valve spring failures cause issues early on in the piece. Of course this is dependent on age, condition, history etc, but what is undeniable, is that all models will benefit in both power and reliability from a valve spring upgrade, and is a vital piece of the modification puzzle when chasing stellar performance from our beloved 4.0L turbocharged engines.

We recommend heavy duty bee hive valve springs to ensure the valves stay shut and no chance of valve float or valve blow, no matter what boost levels or combustion pressures the vehicle sees. Oem valve springs have approximately 50 psi of seat pressure, which is underwhelmingly insufficient in performance applications, providing nowhere near enough pressure to prevent valve train issues and the associated damage to seals, stems, retainers, collets and our power production!




Our stage 1 Package is designed for those people wanting to get more power, torque and fuel economy without sacrificing any of the creature comforts of the standard vehicle.

Our stage 1 package is a worth while step up from your generic “tune only”, with the addition of a replacement air filter for increased vehicle breathing and efficient combustion throughout the process.

We then supply (or tune your own if you already have one) a SCT XCAL4 flash unit, and proceed to tune your vehicles ecu on the dyno to maximise power, torque, and fuel efficiency whilst providing added safety margins to the factory mapping where necessary.

We can program up to 3 separate tunes into the X4 for you, which can be changed at will in a matter of minutes, as well as the ability to re-flash the vehicle back to the factory tune at any stage with zero consequences . The X4 unit also provides full data logging ability for the user, and also doubles as a full diagnostic code reader.

Our stage 1 Package includes:

  • K&N replacement high performance air filter
  • All Associated Labour
  • Supply SCT Flash XCAL X4 hand control unit
  • 3 x ECC Custom Tunes to suit the vehicle

*Please note ZF Automatic transmission tuning extra



Our stage 2 package is for customers wanting a bit more bark and a bit more bite, over our stage 1 package. This package involves the fitment of 100lb injectors, which are quite simply, the most superior injector available on the market today. These injectors provide impeccable cylinder to cylinder consistency, rock solid tuneability, idle, driveability, start up, and will once again support numbers in excess of 500 rwkw with absolutely zero comprise, as is often found with other popular injectors. We then also upgrade the highly restrict factory catalytic converter, with a VENOM high flow cat pipe, unlocking immense power potential hidden away behind the factory item.

Our stage 2 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 1 Package
  • 100LB High Flow fuel injectors
  • VENOM high flow cat pipe
  • All associated labour


Our stage 3 package will prepare your vehicle for some serious power production, by solidifying and upgradings the restrictive factory exhaust system with the fitment of a PLAZMAMAN 800hp intercooler kit. By eliminating the restrictive factory intercooler, we open up the breathing potential of the engine exponentially, allowing greater flow, greater power, and more consistent charge air temperatures entering the engine on back to back runs and testing. Intake temperatures and heat are a turbo charged engines worst enemy; unfortunately, this heat is an unavoidable  by-product of a turbocharger creating boost, as it is the pressurisation of air which increases our air mass available to the engine, but also raises the air temperature.

Intercooling is a way of dramatically decreasing the temperature of this air, providing us with colder, denser, safer, and more power productive air for ingestion by the engine.

The intercoolers job is to ensure the air that is compressed by the turbocharger is cooled as much as possible to aid in increased oxygen density and less heat in the combustion chamber, both allowing improved power production and more efficient combustion. The factory XR6 intercoolers are prone to heat soak and flow restrictions, especially once the boost levels are turned up above factory. Any enthusiast serious about making reliable power, should consider adding an intercooler upgrade into their modification package.

Our stage 3 Package includes:

  • ECC Stage 2 Package
  • PLAZMAMAN 800hp intercooler kit
  • All associated labour


Our stage 4 package is for our serious Ford enthusiast,looking to extract the maximum performance out of the stock motor.

Our stage 4 packages are custom tailored to each individual and vehicle, as each customers goals, desires, and outcomes vary wildly. Common upgrades in our stage 4 kits includes:

  • High flow fuel pump upgrade
  • 4″ race airbox kit
  • Battery relocation
  • Blow off valve upgrade
  • TURBOSMART wastegate actuator
  • complete turbocharger upgrade / replacement
  • E85 tuning and dual mapping


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Ben Crimmins said this about East Coast Customs...

"hey team, I have been a customer of yours even for simple things ie dyno runs etc. I have found east coast customs to be fantasic to deal with and are on the ball no matter what. I'm currently getting a project car together and have been bombarding the team with plenty of questions and no matter what they have given me the time to get the right answers and help me out where possible. I will constantly keep going back to them and i will always highly recommend them. After having dealt with a few other places ecc doesnt stuff around. Thanks guys Ben..."

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