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V8 Performance Packages

Looking to extract more power from your FG XR8?

Here at East Coast Customs, we have spent countless hours researching and developing the best performance packages to help enhance your vehicle, from a simple upgrade to a full blown monster. We have carefully designed and selected the following upgrade packages, using only the best quality parts in what we have found to be the most modular and efficient path in our pursuit of modification, in both terms of performance and budget.


Our stage 1 Package is designed for those people wanting to get more power, torque and fuel economy without sacrificing any of the creature comforts of the standard vehicle.

Our stage 1 package is a worth while step up from your generic “tune only”, with the addition of a replacement air filter for increased vehicle breathing, combined with a new set of spark plugs to ensure perfect, efficient combustion throughout the process.

We then supply (or tune your own if you already have one) a SCT XCAL3 flash unit, and proceed to tune your vehicles ecu on the dyno to maximise power, torque, and fuel efficiency whilst providing added safety margins to the factory mapping where necessary.

We can program up to 3 separate tunes into the X3 for you, which can be changed at will in a matter of minutes, as well as the ability to re-flash the vehicle back to the factory tune at any stage with zero consequences . The X3 unit also provides full data logging ability for the user, and also doubles as a full diagnostic code reader.

Our stage 1 Package includes:

  • K&N replacement high performance air filter
  • All Associated Labour
  • Supply SCT Flash XCAL X3 hand control unit
  • 3 x ECC Custom Tunes to suit the vehicle

*Please note ZF Automatic transmission tuning extra


Our stage 2 package is for customers wanting a bit more bark and a bit more bite, over and above our stage 1 package.

This package removes the factory cat back exhaust system, blessing the vehicle with a deep, crisp exhaust note all whilst increasing flow potential exponentially.

Our stage 2 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 1 Package
  • HURRICANE Aluminsed Mild Steel Cat back exhaust system in your choice of Twin 2.5” or Single 3.5”.
  • All associated labour


Our stage 3 package is for customers wanting a lot more bark from your XR8, over our stage 2 package.

This package removes the factory extractors and replaces them with High Flowing HURRICANE Extractors and High Performance Cat Converters to mate up to the HURRICANE cat back exhaust system, blessing the vehicle with a deep, crisp exhaust note all whilst increasing flow potential exponentially.

This stage requires the engine to be removed from the vehicle, so we also include a regas on your existing Air Condition System as it needs to be extracted from the vehicle before the engine is removed.

Our stage 3 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 2 Package
  • HURRICANE high performance Extractors
  • HURRICANE high performance catalyic converters
  • Air Conditioning System Regas
  • All associated labour


Our stage 4 package is for customers wanting the traditional V8 Lumpy idle and the low down torque the XR8 lacks.

This package removes the factory camshafts and replaces them with Herrod Motorsport camshafts. This blesses the vehicle with a lumpy, deep, crisp exhaust note all whilst increasing low end torque and driveability exponentially.

Our stage 4 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 3 Package
  • Herrod Motorsport Boss Camshafts
  • All associated labour

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Matthew Coleman said this about East Coast Customs...

"Rob and the team at ECC have worked on my S15 multiple times. From general servicing to installing a Nistune board, bov and gauges etc. Their workmanship and quality of service are nothing short of excellent. When my car was leaking some oil after being on the dyno they took the time to make sure that the recently installed sandwich plate was fitted and adjusted correctly, so that no more oil would leak. They also took the time to stay late at the workshop so that my Nistune could be completed and ready for me that afternoon. I have asked Matt and Rob tedious amounts of questions regarding parts and tuning. Each time they have been more than happy to discuss my options or helped me to change the scope of my build, which is what I was ultimately looking for. The team at ECC are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. I will definitely be visiting them in the near future again :)..."

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