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5.0L Supercharged Packages

Looking to extract more power from your Ford FPV 5.0L Coyote Supercharged Monster?

Here at East Coast Customs, we have spent countless hours researching and developing the best performance packages to help enhance your vehicle – from a simple upgrade to full blown, competition ready packages. We have carefully designed and selected the following upgrade packages, using only the best quality parts in what we have found to be the most modular and efficient path in our pursuit of modification, in both terms of performance and budget.


Our stage 1 package has been designed for those desiring more power, torque and fuel economy from their vehicle, without sacrificing any of the creature comforts of the standard vehicle, all at an entry level price point.

Our stage 1 package is a worthwhile upgrade on top of your generic “tune only” upgrades, with the addition of a replacement air filter for increased vehicle breathing, and new spark plugs, specifically chosen for the application, to ensure perfect, efficient combustion throughout the process.

From here, we then supply (or tune your own if you already have one) a SCT XCAL3 flash unit, and proceed to custom tune your vehicles engine control unit on our in house dyno, to perfectly optimise your vehicles state of tune with its every day operating parameters – in doing this we achieve maximal power, torque, and fuel efficiency, whilst providing added safety margins and improvements to the factory mapping where necessary.

The SCT X3 device allows us to program up to 3 custom tunes for your vehicle, which may be infinitely changed at will in a matter of minutes. You also have the ability to re-flash the vehicle back to the factory tune at any stage with absolutely zero consequences. The X3 unit also provides full data logging ability for the user, and also doubles as a full diagnostic code reader.

Our stage 1 Package includes:

  • K&N replacement high performance air filter
  • BOSCH motorsports racing spark plugs gapped to application
  • All Associated Labour
  • Supply SCT Flash XCAL X3 hand control unit
  • 3 x ECC Custom Tunes to suit the vehicle

*Please note ZF Automatic transmission tuning extra


Our stage 2 package is designed for the customer chasing that extra bit of bark and performance, over our introductory stage 1 package.

This package removes the factory cat back exhaust system, blessing the vehicle with a deep, crisp exhaust note all whilst increasing flow potential exponentially.

Our stage 2 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 1 Package
  • HURRICANE Aluminsed Mild Steel Cat back exhaust system in your choice of Twin 2.5”.
  • All associated labour


Our stage 3 package will prepare your 5.0L coyote supercharged vehicle for some serious power production via three stages – firstly we increase the amount of air the engine consumes via increased boost pressures. Secondly, we then ensure the increased air is appropriately cooled to ensure safety and reliability, and then finally, upgrade the vehicle’s fuel system substantially to ensure correct fuel delivery to match the vehicles new found demand for air and power.

This package removes the factory heat exchanger (or lack thereof) and replaces it with a High Performance Herrod Motorsports water to air intercooler; cooling the inlet charge after it has been compressed by the supercharger to allow for higher and safer boost. Intercooling is a way of dramatically decreasing the increased air temperature, providing us with colder, denser, safer, and more power productive air for ingestion by the engine.

Whilst we have the supercharger removed from the vehicle due to the intercooler install, we then remove the factory boost pulley and replace it with a Herrod Motorsport high boost pulley. This rotates the factory Harrop supercharger faster, considerably increasing boost pressures and final power output as a result.

Finally, the new intercooler and boost pulley is paired with fitment of the Herrod Motorsports 100lb high flow injectors, which are quite simply, the most superior injector available on the market today. These injectors provide impeccable cylinder to cylinder consistency, rock solid tuneability, idle, driveability, start up, and will once again support numbers in excess of 500 rwkw with absolutely zero comprise, as is often found with other popular injectors.

Our stage 3 Package includes:

  • Ecc Stage 2 Package
  • Herrod Motorsport Water-Air Intercooler
  • Herrod Motorsports 100lb high performance injectors
  • Herrod Motorsport High Boost Pulley Kit
  • All associated labour

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peter marsh said this about East Coast Customs...

"ECC recently completed a cam package and re tune for me on my WM Caprice. They are an awsum bunch of guys that really know what they are doing. They exceeded my expectations and i would highly recommend them to anyone....."

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