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V6 Packages

Here at East Coast Customs, we haven’t forgotten about our V6 brethren – and also have numerous upgrade paths and packages available for the 3.6L ALLOYTECH and SIDI engines.




Our base performance package for the 3.6L ALLOYTECH and SIDI engines promise up to 20hp gain over stock, with increase torque, throttle response, fuel economy, and both induction and exhaust note to boot!

This package includes:

  • custom twin 2.5″ cat back exhaust system
  • Over the radiator intake
  • All albour
  • Custom dyno tune


Our stage 2 V6 package is only available for NON-SIDI engines. Our stage 2 packages incorporates the fitment of a CPR6 manifold and a new dyno calibration for the engine.

Our stage 2 package promises all the gains of our stage 1 package, but with results seen up to 30-40hp improvement over stock.

  • CPR6 manifold
  • All labour
  • Custom dyno recalibration


For more information, please contact us at the shop to discuss your options and the suitability of one of our ECC V6 performance package upgrades. Whilst these are our “off the shelf” upgrade packages, we can certainly accommodate other upgrades such as:

  • extractors and high flow cats
  • supercharger upgrades
  • turbocharger upgrades
  • nitrous kits
  • manifold insulators
  • camshafts
  • plus more…

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Nathan SIevers said this about East Coast Customs...

"Currently the proud owner of, the Ec customs B4llA r34, after the vehicle was written in the North QLD floods, it went back home to be looked after by the guys. I recommend them to anyone, V8 or import owners. Currently the car is back down there getting so crazy stuff done. i currently live 11hours away from Brisbane and wouldn't take my pride and joy any where else!..."

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