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Forced Induction Packages

More air = more power

I know we have said this many times already – but there is no better or more efficient way of getting more air into our engines than by compressing it, and forcing it in there at exponential rates – aka FORCED INDUCTION!!!

East Coast Customs have been considered by many as Brisbane’s V8 Forced Induction specialists. We have numerous forced inductions packages available, depending on each individuals needs and application, and vast experience in knowing what is required in the fitment, service, maintenance, and tuning of a “boosted’ to ensure optimal output whilst ensuring reliability.

The first decision that must be made when choosing a forced induction package however, is choosing which “type” of forced induction you desire.Without going into all the specific details of the pros and cons of each application, which is an entire conversation in itself, we can generally break these into two different groups – Supercharged and Turbocharged.

Supercharged applications involve the fitment of a belt driven supercharger to the engine, in the form of either a side mounted (centrifugel) or top mounted (positive displacement) blower.

East Coast Customs are experienced in the supply, fit, and tuning of the following superchargers / supercharger kits:


  • Pro Charger
  • Vortech


  • Harrop
  • Yella Terra
  • Magnusson

Turbocharged applications involve the fitment of an exhaust driven turbocharger into the exhaust system, and can generally be broken up into single, twin, or rear mounted turbo kits.

East Coast Customs are experienced in the supply, fit, and tuning of the following turbocharger kits:

  • ASE
  • GEN TT
  • STS (one of Australia’s only workshops with rear mount turbo experience)
  • APS
  • ECC Full custom designed and built

Given the nature of a forced induction upgrade, the infinite variables, applications, budgets, goals, wants and needs, we recommend to get in contact with us at the shop if you would like some friendly, expert, no obligation information in regards to which particular “boosted” upgrade is going to be the best for YOU!

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Drezo said this about East Coast Customs...

"Thought i would write up a bit of a speil for the boys at Eastcoast Customs, Just received my S14a off these guys after a very extensive rebuild, cannot recommend enough, Rob has put up with a million questions from me through emails and phonecalls, and he always has time to answer and nut out plans of attack, Rob spent hours tuning my car for run in and powertuning and i am very very happy with the result, car is snappy and sounds crispy like an sr should :) Also had dan make some twin 3 inch drift pipes which look and sound awesome not to mention all the other parts such as intercooler piping, front dump pipe, screamer which they plumbed back for me (to keep car po po friendly) new ecu, the list goes on. I Cant recommend these guys enough, Rob, Benny, Dan, Sam and Nev, what a great team :) I will be back and will be recommending you guys to all that ask me about my car. ECC for the win!!..."

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