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Camshaft Packages

That perfect v8 sound – a big, angry cam grumbling away, car rocking side to side.

Cam upgrade packages are possibly our beloved v8 owners most popular modification, and bang for buck one of the most impressive modifications one can make – gains of over 100 rwkw with supporting mods are common :o

Here at East Coast Customs , we have developed our own custom cam packages using proven brands and products, from mild to wild, to suit all needs, goals and budgets.

All ECC cam and head upgrade packages are tailored individually to each and every customer and their needs – prices quoted with no fuss and NO HIDDEN COSTS, and with track records of almost every camshaft combination imaginable, you can trust your car is in the right hands when it comes to an ECC cam package.

Here at East Coast Customs we pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive Cam Packages on the market, tailor made to suit your vehicle and requirements- Everything from the mildest of mild to crazy wild – all from as little as $28 per week!

We only offer the best of the best when it comes to our Cam Packages and as such only use the highest quality parts to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable. We understand that choosing a camshaft can be a dizzying experience at times, so we ensure we spend as much time as it takes with each and every customer to ensure we match the perfect camshaft to their expectations!

Special mention must be given here to newer Gen IV vehicles equipped with Holden’s Displacement on Demand (DOD), otherwise known as Active Fuel Management (AFM). This can be identified via the engine plate in your vehicle – read your engine plate, and if it lists the engine code L76 or L77, then this applies to you, regardless of whether or not your car has the AFM feature activated. This feature is often found in late VZ vehicles, early VE auto vehicles, and all late VE-VF models.

The basic premise here is that these vehicles have some different / extra hardware components fitted to the engine which must be both mechanically and electronically removed or deactivated in order to upgrade your camshaft reliably in these engines –  so if this applies to you, please give us a call today so we can run you through the details.


Our basic camshaft package is designed for the consumer who wishes to get an aftermarket camshaft installed into their vehicle with minimal fuss or expenditure. We believe this package is the best bang for buck camshaft package available in Queensland – and will match any comparable competitors quote!

Beginning with a pre-dyno ramp to establish the vehicles baseline output and assess suitability for the ensuing upgrade, our technican’s then install the camshaft of your choice, combined with an upgraded set of valve springs and heavy duty pushrods tailored to suit the new camshaft. Gen 4 models receive a new 3 bolt cam gear which both gen 3 and 4 models also receive an upgrade to ARP camshaft retainer bolts.  If required, we replace both the water pump and front timing cover gaskets when the engine goes back together to ensure we do not encounter any unwanted engine leaks – (The last thing you want to do is have to pull everything back out again because you didn’t replace a few simple gaskets!). Finally, all auxiliary components are re installed, we replace the crankshaft pulley bolt with a brand new item – an extremely important, yet often overlooked component considering the factory bolt is a TTY (torque-to-yield) bolt and should never be reused. The engine is then filled with fresh coolant, and a custom, individual, vehicle specific dyno tune is completed to optimize the airflow characteristics of your new camshaft.


This package includes:

  • Pre dyno ramp
  • Your choice of performance camshaft
  • 3 bolt cam gear (if required)
  • Performance heavy duty beehive valve springs
  • Performance heavy duty pushrods
  • ARP cam bolts
  • Coolant
  • Genuine GM water pump gaskets (if required)
  • Genuine GM front timing cover gasket (if required)
  • Genuine GM replacement crankshaft bolt
  • All labour
  • Custom HP tuners ECC Mafless tune to suit new camshaft






To complement our basic camshaft upgrade packages, we also offer additional upgrades, along with a few extra luxuries along the way to ensure trouble fee, reliable motoring.

All upgrades can be added to the base package to better help the engine cope with the additional power and strain the engine will see. These items will ensure the engine is capable of sustaining the additional power from the camshaft for many years to come.

Our friendly team are able to help advise of the requirements or necessity of all upgrades, dependent on each individual setup.

Additional upgrade options include:

  • ARP balancer bolt
  • Upgraded locks / retainers
  • Oil pump
  • Synthetic oil and filter
  • Premium oil and filter
  • NGK racing spark plugs
  • Dual valve spring upgrade
  • Single row timing chain set
  • 25% under drive balancer + new belts
  • Crankshaft pinning


When removing heads from the vehicle, or in DOD delete situations, we also offer the following upgrades:

  • CNC head upgrade
  • ARP head bolts
  • Performance head gaskets
  • Upgraded lifters



Whilst this is our basic “off the shelf” package, we do also offer additional upgrades such as Inlet Manifolds, Throttle Bodies, ITB packages, Fuel rails, Injectors, NITROUS etc etc, as well as custom designed packages.

Please note: For optimal results, we suggest all vehicles be fitted with our ECC Base Performance Package (or equivalent) prior to a camshaft install to ensure optimal gains from the camshaft upgrade package.

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Dan Burleigh said this about East Coast Customs...

"Had some work done at the end of 2012 and the guys at ECC were really helpful and did a great job with my VZ SS, its now rocking around with the new cam, 3" exhaust and OTR. When people ask where I got the work done, I am happy to tell them that ECC is the place to go. When the funds allow it I will be returning for more work...."

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