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Carbon Prevention & Fuel System Cleaning

Catch Can Upgrades

At ECC we sell and recommend the HPD and PROVENT oil catch cans. Oil catch cans / oil air separators are designed to filter out droplets of oil and other particulates from the air stream to prevent them from entering the intake manifold and mixing with the carbon from the EGR, clogging up vital components and potentially causing damage.

Modern 4WDs tend to have more parts in the intake manifold such as sensors and EGR valves that can malfunction due to the oil film produced.

ECC bolt on catch can kits are ideal for 4WDs running an intercooler or turbo kit and they come complete with vehicle specific mounting brackets, rubber hoses and hose clamps. The separators eliminate oil vapour that can contaminate the intake system and therefore helps keep your turbo,  intercooler, and piping system clean and  (internally). This translates into more efficient cooling and better power delivery from your engine.


Terra Clean Diesel Intake Cleaner

Terra-Clean-Like many diesel owners, have you noticed a progressive loss in performance with your engine? Take the strangle-hold off your diesel engine with East Coast Customs diesel intake and EGR carbon removal service.

This is a very common issue with diesel engines as they rely on drawing in large quantities of air to operate efficiently. Over time carbon deposits build up on the inner walls of the induction system and throttle body due to emission control devices such as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and the use of low viscosity engine oils.

You should consider this as a preventative maintenance service designed to help prevent future damage that can become costly. Over time your diesel engine will progressively become contaminated with carbon; restricting air flow into the engine and negatively affecting the performance.

Intake-Before-Some key benefits include:

  • Removes carbon deposits from EGR and induction systems
  • Reduces DPF regeneration cycles
  • Smooths out a rough idle
  • Improves performance
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Lowers emissions

ProStream System Injector Cleaner

Another common culprit for lost performance, fuel economy as well as a rough idle in diesel engines is an ill-maintained fuel system.

Prior to 2006 diesel fuels contained relatively high amounts of sulphur, which acted as a natural lubricant for the fuel system. As this sulphur content has been lowered dramatically in recent years the need to be more vigilant with maintaining your fuel system has never been more important.

Here at East Coast Customs we take a holistic approach to servicing your fuel system. In place of many competitors who simply dump an additive in your tank and maybe replace a filter, we disconnect the entire fuel system including injectors from the vehicle and run the cycle with a proprietary chemical compound from ProStream, an industry leader in diesel maintenance.

Intake-After-Some key benefits include:

  • Cleans and restores injector spray patterns
  • Cleans deposits from injector pumps and fuel system components
  • Restores engine power and torque
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improves idle stability
  • Improves engine response
  • Reduced diesel particulate matter and tail pipe emissions
  • Improves fuel system component durability reducing the chance of costly repairs
  • Safe to be used on common rail diesel systems fitted with diesel particulate filters

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