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Camshaft & Head Packages

Camshaft and Head Packages 1 FordThe perfect v8 sound – a big, angry cam grumbling away – car rocking side to side.

Camshaft and Head Packages 2 FordCamshaft packages are possibly our beloved v8 owners most popular modification, and bang for buck one of the most impressive modifications one can make – gains of over 100 rwkw with supporting mods are common :o

East Coast Customs have developed cam packages using proven brands and products, from mild to wild, to suit all needs, goals and budgets.

All ECC cam packages are tailored individually to each and every customer and their needs – prices quoted with no fuss and no hidden costs, and with track records of almost every camshaft combination imaginable, you can trust your car is in the right hands when it comes to an ECC cam package.

Camshaft and Head Packages 3 FordTaking the next step to larger or better flowing cylinder heads? East Coast Customs can also advise you on the best path to take – whether it be porting your existing heads, purchasing new high flowing units, or simply cleaning up what we already have…

Camshaft and Head Packages 4 FordXR6T perhaps? When winding up the boost on these beloved setups, valve spring failures causing “valve float” and the associated loss of boost and pressure are common – ECC can also help with the install of new valve springs (with the special tools to replace without removing the cylinder heads) and other associated components to ensure you get all the reliable power you deserve.

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Engine 1 FordWhether it be an engine conversion, a simple recondition, or full race prep for a dedicated race car, East Coast Customs can not only supply everything you need to be successful, but also assemble it to exacting standards.

Engine 2 FordThe East Coast Customs approach to engine building and maintenance is a simple one- not only does it have to make the power you want it to, but it has to be RELIABLE! There is no point in screwing together a big $$$ motor, if it is going to blow up in the near future or cause you nothing but dramas.

Engine 3 FordThis motto means that the team at East Coast Customs not only supplies the best parts available for your high performance engine, but also assembles their motors to meticulous standards, which means that your engine will not only last, but also last a long time!!!

Point of note – we will not do any “slap together” rebuilds with corners cut at every turn. If this is the kind of build your chasing, we are not the workshop for you. We have a simple approach to engine building – build it right, build it once!

Engine 4 Ford

  • Complete cylinder head packages
  • billet oil pumps
  • race sump pans
  • pistons
  • rings
  • rods
  • bearings
  • main studs
  • head studs
  • head gaskets
  • cam shafts
  • cam gears
  • pivots
  • lifters
  • rocker arm stopper kits
  • valve springs
  • crank shafts
  • stroker kits

Anything you need….. call or email to talk about your hi tech engine today


Exhaust 1 FordWhether it be a bolt on mild or stainless steel exhaust system, or fully custom fabricated, the team at East Coast Customs can supply, fabricate and fit the perfect exhaust system to suit your vehicle.

From minor exhaust and muffler repairs, to full race system, to remote controlled exhaust systems (yes thats right!), East Coast Customs can look after all your exhaust needs.

Exhaust 2 FordUnsure about whether to go for tuned length, 4 into 1 extractors or tri-y and short headers?

Exhaust 3 FordSingle or twin systems?

Dual 2.5 vs dual 3”?

Mild steel vs stainless?

Split dumps vs bellmouth?

Confused on the right size dump?

If your unsure about what will work best for you, give us a call… We are more than happy to spend the time with you to make sure you get the right exhaust for YOU !

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Forced Induction

More air = more power

I know we have said this many times already – but there is no better or more efficient way of getting more air into our engines than by compressing it, and forcing it in there at exponential rates – aka FORCED INDUCTION!!!

There are two popular ways to do this for our beloved facy air pumps (our engines) – Superchargers and Turbochargers


Two major types again – our top mounted, positive displacement (PD) style blowers and our side mounted, centrifugal style blowers.

Forced Induction 1 Ford


Forced Induction 2 Ford

East Coast Customs have plenty of experience in fitting and tuning both, and can help advise you which is going to be best for YOUR goals and needs.


Forced Induction 3 FordSingle vs twin turbo systems? Conventional vs rear mount setups?

Once again, the ECC team love both – and love nothing more than supplying and fitting turbo setups to our already impressive V8 engines, and have track records for all of the above to help you make up your mind about what will work for YOU!

Interestingly – East Coast Customs is one of the few workshops in Australia who are experienced with the supply, fit and tune of the wild STS rear mount turbo systems. The STS rear mount turbo kits are a whole new insane concept to visit Australia, so if the sound of lower intake air temps, a stealthy engine bay, and reliable, heat free performance all whilst sounding like a fighter jet mid flight sounds appealing to you, give us a call today for more information…

Forced Induction 4 Ford

Still unsure about what is best for you? Call us today to discuss pricing and options for us to take your car to the next level and introduce you to the world of boost!

Fuel Systems

Fuel Systems 1 FordMore air = more power

More air requires more fuel to make that extra power!

Fuel Systems 2 FordFuel is where and how our engines make energy – and delivering this crucial liquid to our engine is a science in itself.

Fuel Systems 3 FordLarger injectors, larger fuel pumps, in tank and external surge tank setups, aftermarket fuel pressure regulators, returnless versus boost referenced systems, nitrous oxide (NOS) – it can all get a little overwhelming at the best of times!

Don’t stress – talk to the team at East Coast Customs who can not only advise you what is required for your application, but also supply and ensure the correct fitment of this precious liquid and its associated components.

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Intake 1 Ford

Intake = getting air into your engine

More air = more power

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Whilst the exact science and knowledge behind putting this relatively simply concept into affect is substantially more complicated, at East Coast Customs it doesn’t need to be.

Intake 2 Ford

We have done all the testing, all the research, and spent the time working out what products work, what don’t, and what works best for each application.

Over the radiator intakes, shielded air boxes, under battery intakes and race air boxes, inlet manifolds, throttle bodies – you name it, we can not only supply at a great price, but fit and tune it also…

East Coast Customs also has a full range of engine bay dress up accessories, to ensure your engine bay looks the part – whether your chasing a neat, OEM style finish, or a fully race styled engine bay.

For more information, enquire today

Suspension & Handling

Suspension and Handling 1 FordThe link between our beloved engine and the road!

Whether your chasing a full race suspension package, or simply wanting to lower and drop your ride a few inches, East Coast Customs has the parts and experience to make it happen.

Suspension and Handling 2 FordBacked by suspension giants such as Tein, Whiteline, Cusco, HSD, King Springs, and many many more – you name it, East Coast Customs can get it AND fit it!

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More boost = more air
More air = more power

XR6T 1 FordOur XR6T’s are already blessed with a rather large turbocharger already bolted to the side, with the potential for BIG power only a few tweaks away.

But as many know, increasing airflow or boost isn’t as simple as it always seems. Boost spikes, boost creep, boost leaks, boost drop offs – all are common and all rear their ugly heads at the worst time.

XR6T 2 FordCombine this with choked intakes, inefficient intercoolers, poor factory design – it can be a confusing minefield without the right knowledge. However, ECC can supply and fit the right intercooler kits, intakes, inlet manifolds, as well as full packages – from street to full blown race – the team at ECC have you and your XR6T covered.

The team at East Coast Customs know what is involved, and what it takes to get the most out of not only the standard turbo, but also aftermarket turbos in XR6T applications.

XR6T 3 FordWastegate porting mods, replacement actuators, intakes and boost controllers – call the team at ECC today to maximize the potential of your sleeping beast.


Whatever you need, whatever you chasing, whatever tickles your fancy – East Coast Customs can get it for you!!!

oil coolers + relocation kits

Misc 1 Ford - oil coolers + relocation kits

short shifters

Misc 2 Ford - short shifters

clutch kits

Misc 3 Ford - clutch kits

diff gears

Misc 4 Ford - diff gears

Aftermarket lsd’s

Misc 5 Ford - Aftermarket lsds

aftermarket torque converters and shift kits

Misc 6 Ford - aftermarket torque converters and shift kits

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