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Dual Mapping

Here at East Coast Customs, we pride ourselves as being Queensland’s dual mapping specialists.

What exactly is dual mapping?

Every modern vehicle on the road today runs off what is commonly known as a “map”, which is tuned by either the manufacturer and / or us, in order to ensure the desired operation for the vehicle.

For as long as people have been building performance vehicles, there has always been demand to be able to have increased functionality in their mapping. However, anyone with half a brain will realize that there is no such thing as a 100% optimized “one map fits all” map, which is perfect under every single imaginable condition, and anyone who tries to sell you otherwise should be avoided. Many a request has always come through for an “economy” tune and a “power” tune, or a “street” tune and a race” tune etc etc. Whilst this was easily enough achieved, it quite often involved plugging in a laptop or some other advanced device in order to switch between the different desired maps.

Until recently, only very high-end computers had the ability to store more than one “map” in their memory. However, with the advancement of technology, many of the vehicles we commonly modify and tune now have the ability to run “dual maps”, opening up a plethora of opportunity for both street and race users.

Each platform and software program has developed their own methods and techniques for switching, however the list of supported vehicles is now rather impressive. – Even when retaining and re-flashing the factory ecu. For most the ability to swap between two completely custom tuned maps is as easy as pushing a single button.

Some of the common requests/ functions of dual mapping we commonly receive are as follows, however the functionality can be as individual as you desire:

  • pump fuel versus race fuel / E85
  • high versus low boost tune
  • different tunes for different supercharger pulleys
  • security map so vehicle wont start
  • lower powered tune for when friends / partner drives vehicle
  • max power vs max fuel efficiency
  • normal vs valet tunes
  • the possibilities are endless…

No one in Queensland has more experience in custom tuning dual map setups for a wide variety of cars – from our beloved V8 commodores all the way through to our track ready Evo platforms.

If you think dual mapping is something that may interest you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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Eddy said this about East Coast Customs...

"ECC are hands down one I the leading performance shops in SEQLD. Rob and Benny done an awesome job with my VU SS Ute and their tuning was lightyears ahead of everyone I've had attempt to tune it. I recommend ECC to everybody I know looking to tune or modify there ride. The guys are currently building my mates 7L LSX427 SS and to see the work they have done with this very serious build is f&$@ing unbelievable!!! Use these dudes yo!!!..."

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