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ECC Workflow Procedure


A large area where many high performance garages and workshops fall short is communication with their customer and the expectations of what exactly is going to happen with their pride and joy once the keys are handed over.

Here at East Coast Customs, we believe in a “no secrets, no surprises” policy when it comes to work flow and customer relations.

Given the size and scope of some of the projects that come through our doors, we have developed a workflow procedure / method, which we apply to all medium to large-scale projects.

Even the smaller jobs are subject to the same scrutiny and criteria, however the protocols we have put into place are really designed to ensure 100% transparency for our customer and continual communication throughout project progression.

Most projects that come through our doors can be broken down into 5 stages –all our full estimates will be presented and broken down into these 5 stages to ensure clarity.

Throughout the progression of the job, each stage will be completed and invoiced to the customer. Invoice payment in full is required before progression to the next stage of the project. We have developed this methodology to ensure customers are aware of the progress and cost of their project every step of the way, and to ensure no nasty “surprises” in terms of work, expectations, or cost are encountered.


The first stage of each project will generally involve determining the raw cost of the crucial parts and materials required for us to commence the project. This may be a new engine, a camshaft and valve train package, a new turbocharger, ecu, fuel system etc.

As the first part of the workflow procedure, the customer is generally required to outlay the raw cost of parts required for the project. Normally this happens upon dropping the vehicle, off, but sometimes may occur weeks before the delivery date (due to freight times etc).


Once the fundamental parts have been acquired for the job, the technicians at ECC will commence with phase 2. If possible, from here we will establish a measureable baseline to work from, whether it be initial road testing or collecting  dyno data from the vehicle to give us measurable data from which to compare with at completion.  After testing, we will commence to strip the required parts from the vehicle in preparation for the fitment of the new / replacement products etc. The customer is now invoiced the time taken to strip the vehicle, and notified of any new developments which may alter the original estimate before moving forward.

For example, in the instance of a camshaft swap, we may test drive the vehicle, then strap the vehicle onto our dyno to determine to current state of tune and power output etc. From here we would then strip the required components ready for the fitment of the new camshaft.


Stage 3 of the ECC workflow procedure involves our technicians fitting the desired new products to the vehicle, and testing to ensure reliability.

Once again, from here the customer is invoiced for the time taken for fitment, the job progression reviewed together, and then prepared for the next stage – tuning.


Stage 4 of the workflow procedure generally involves custom tuning of the vehicle to maximize the gains from the newly fitted parts. The customer is then updated on progression, invoiced for the tuning time taken, and then the vehicle moves into the final stage.


The final stage of the workflow procedure is what we call “pre-delivery”. During this stage, our technicians complete all final checks to ensure the vehicle is 100% ready to be returned back to the customer. This may involve road testing, second confirmations on completed work, detailing and final presentation upgrades.

Upon completion of this stage, the vehicle is deemed to be complete, the customer will pay their final invoice, and the vehicle is returned to the customer to enjoy their new upgrades.

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Michael Sanderson said this about East Coast Customs...

"Hi All, (Apologies to all on the long winded testimonial, very hard to put it all into a short spiel) I was introduced to East Coast Customs through a friend of the family who just had his HSV Senator cammed, at the time I was looking for a reputable company to Cam my wife’s 6.2L HSV Clubby and Supercharge my 6.2L HSV GTS. I had been looking around for a while and was given various options and prices to do the work required. I approached East Coast for their advise. Rob spoke to me at length as to options available, I’m not a mechanic so a lot of what Rob initially said went over my head so Rob dumbed it down so I understood. From the moment I made a commitment to have the cars done I have been unbelievably impressed with the service and quality of work provided by East Coast, my car was fitted with the new design Yella Terra 2.9L Blower, Stage 4 cam pack, Twin Plate clutch, Rip Shifter and a variety of other bits and pieces to pull it all together and my wife had a stage 4 Cam pack fitted, the Blower was a headache from the start as far as getting one, Yella Terra to their credit would not release their new model until it was right. Matty kept me informed all the way through the procurement process until he had a confirmed commitment the blower was on the way. As I work close to East Coast I dropped in the first day just to get an update, I was standing at the roller door looking in when Matty said come in we will show you what we are doing, I was somewhat hesitant as most mechanics don’t like you looking over their shoulder. This was the first time I met Ben, Ben is not only part owner he is also the head mechanic (what more could you ask for owners being Mechanics and Dino tuners). Ben talked me through what he is doing and the reasons he was doing it, I learnt more about the dynamics of an engine in one week than I have picked up over my life time. I called in average twice a day to just have a look to see how things were progressing and Rob, Ben, Matty and the team were always pleasant and informative of what they were up to, as this was the first fit up of the new Yella Terra Blower to a HSV there were a few minor issues that Ben needed to overcome, which he did with great results. I can’t stress enough the quality workmanship and service I received from East Coast, as an example, East coast had to remove my exhaust system to replace the clutch, they notice a poor weld job where I had had a hot dog removed from my hurricane exhaust system by a reputable exhaust company (Wasn’t completely welded, they used exhaust silicone to fill up the join) Ben advised they would weld it up before refit. When I returned on another visit the exhaust was in but they were cutting these sections out, I enquired why and Dan advised their weld look terrible as the silicone jammed in the join was causing the weld to splatter, when I spoke to Rob he advised it looked unprofessional and they are replacing both sections with new 3 inch pipe about a metre long each at no charge, they could have just welded the old pipe up and I would have been none the wiser, this is just one of the areas there quality of work and service stands out as a number of them come to light through the week. As they say ‘when you are on a good thing stick to it’ I already have my sons SS booked in next week for an OTR and maffless tune. All I can say is give them a go, you won’t be disappointed. I end here with this one parting comment, tell East Coast what you want and listen to their suggestion, I did and can’t be happier with the results. My wife’s and my car went in with an average of 380hp at the wheels, my wife’s left with a respectable 433hp at the wheels (already had an OTR), mine left with 580hp at the wheels, mine has a lot more to go but we capped it at 580 to protect the standard bottom end and heads. To Rob, Ben , Matty and the boys, with the quality of work and service you provide your business will go far, and congratulations in your new relationship with UPREV Engine Management Solutions in the United States, for UPREV to get on board and East Coast the only Protuner on the East Coast is impressive...."

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