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Factory ECU Remapping



At East Coast Customs we are very proud to offer optimised tuning solutions for most late model common rail diesel powered vehicles.

Using an internationally renowned software platform, we are able to achieve impressive improvements in both power and torque in addition to improving fuel economy and general drivability without making further hard modifications to your vehicle.

We had many options to choose from when considering a software platform to suit common rail diesels. One of the advantages of our tuning process has over regular plug-in boxes is the ability to precisely calibrate torque management. Overall power gains are also guaranteed; however, torque is really what customers are seeking in a performance tune with this type of vehicle. Moreover, this style of tuning changes how that torque and power is delivered which results in a vastly improved driving experience.

Because the calibration allows better use of the available power, there’s no need to push the engine to extremes to deliver improved performance. The end result is consistent reliable power customised to your specific requirements.

We reprogram and tune the factory ECU using specialised hardware, software and tooling. Through rigorous testing and retesting, we are able to liberate more efficiency from the factory engine and computer, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer RPM’s and less accelerator pressure to achieve a given acceleration, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption. During real world driving tests, savings of fuel consumption of between 5% and 15% are quite typical.

By accessing the vehicles original ECU, we are able to make customised calibration changes in the same way the manufacturer does. As a result, we can manipulate fuel delivery, boost pressure and torque management to ensure we deliver gains of up to 20% in terms of power and torque and up to 15% in terms of improved fuel economy depending on the vehicle and application.

Some key benefits include:

  • Increased power
  • Increase torque
  • Better throttle feel
  • No more flat spots
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • More km’s per tank
  • Raised levels of efficiency

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Ben Crimmins said this about East Coast Customs...

"hey team, I have been a customer of yours even for simple things ie dyno runs etc. I have found east coast customs to be fantasic to deal with and are on the ball no matter what. I'm currently getting a project car together and have been bombarding the team with plenty of questions and no matter what they have given me the time to get the right answers and help me out where possible. I will constantly keep going back to them and i will always highly recommend them. After having dealt with a few other places ecc doesnt stuff around. Thanks guys Ben..."

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