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Lift Kits + Tyre Packages

Without a doubt, our most popular 4×4 upgrade package.

Perhaps two of the most immediately satisfying upgrades for any 4×4 or truck, nothing enhances the driving performance and aesthetic of a vehicle like a well designed vehicle lift kit combined with a wheel and tyre upgrade.

In general, there are two types of lifts available: a suspension lift, and a body lift.

Suspension lifts raise the entire suspension system of the vehicle, allowing 4×4 owners to install much larger wheels and tyres, whilst providing superior ground clearance for any off road adventures, or simply that “mini truck” look. Suspending the entire frame and increasing the distance between the chassis and the axles, we can achieve superior performance on and off road, with the looks to match. No more nerve racking scrapes and bangs when taking your vehicle off road, and when the right kit is chosen, the perfect blend of ride characteristics can be maintained for what you truly use your car for.



Body lifts, on the other hand, work by inserting spacers in between the chassis and the body of the vehicle. These help to give the vehicle a more imposing, higher, “mini truck” style look, without affecting the ride quality of the vehicle or the suspension beneath it. The body lift is generally used for pure aesthetics, as opposed to the suspension lift, which combines both aesthetics, ground clearance, and ride quality and handling.


It is also quite common for many customers to combine both suspension AND body lifts, however have a chat to us about the legalities and extra components required with certain “big lift” kits before diving straight in. Yes we can do them, however some of the bigger lift kits may also require upgraded upper control arms, diff drop kits, tail shaft spacers and other various components. Make sure you speak to us regarding what is right for your truck.

All packages are also available on FINANCE, so make sure you enquire today. For some more specific information on the types of suspension kits and products we use, make sure you check out the information on our SUSPENSION upgrades page.



We also have a staggering array of wheel and tyre choices to complete your package. We stock the biggest and best names in the business with a huge range of profiles, tread depths and patterns – all at a killer price. Providing a range of different brands allows us to ensure the perfect fitment for your vehicle, from guard flush to outright aggressive, making your truck stand out the way you want has never been easier.


At ECC we sell the following 4×4 wheel brands:

  • FUEL
  • KMC
  • TUFF
  • SSW
  • GRID
  • HELO
  • to name a few….



We also commonly use the following tyre brands to piece together the perfect packages for our customers:

  • and much more…


For some expert advice on tyre fitment, as well as differences in size, performance, tread pattern, terrain style (highway vs all vs mud)  etc, give us a call today to discuss your needs.


Still can’t decide? Give us a call today and we can send you some photos and images of some of the other builds we have done to give you a better idea on the best way to enhance your truck.



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Sam Linde said this about East Coast Customs...

"Hi, I had been looking at getting an UpRev ecu reflash on my V35 for some time... nowhere in Queensland to be found. Until I saw that ECC had become partners with Uprev (congratulations) and were now taking customers for the new reflashing. After spending a good half hour on the phone talking about potential power, cars and mods, I locked it in. The customer service was brilliant, everything was explained and laid out, and I could tell they genuinely wanted to make their customers happy. I took my car in for the reflash. Going from 150ishrwkw due to running rich, they found the issue in the MAF sensor, fixed it up and away it went, tuning from a baseline of 162rwkw to making a very nice 175 and max 179 rwkw. I honestly could not have been happier, and I knew the boys at ECC were extremely happy as well. Making sure I was 100% happy with the results and the improved responsiveness the entire time. 10% power increase and a 15% torque increase. Wow. Followed by a courtesy call to make sure the car was running well I will recommend ECC straight away, any day to people. I will be back to you guys for future mods and tuning. Job well done. Cheers..."

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