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4WD Tuning

East Coast Customs has a range of tuning solutions for 4WD vehicles. As with all engines, these vehicles leave the factory floor in a severely limited and restricted manner, and through careful and selective tuning and modification, enormous rewards await.

East Coast Customs diesel tunes are designed to improve power, torque, efficiency, and fuel economy – all whilst maintaining reliability. Gains of up to 40% in horsepower and torque and up to 15% in fuel economy are common place, and achieved by modifying the fuel injection parameters of the engine, to optimise driving characteristics for each and every application.

Immediate increases in power, torque, and throttle response are noticeable the very  second you drive your newly tuned vehicle. Power delivery is smoother, the engine more efficient, and the overall driving experienced noticeably enhanced.

Depending on model, we have invested a lot of time and money into having 3 different tuning options and tuning solutions at our disposal to ensure we can cover almost every vehicle.

So if you ultimate aim is max power, easier towing, increased fuel efficiency, more torque, or all of the above, then it is the right time to give us a call to discuss how one of our tuning options can benefit you and you 4WD.

With a 100% money back guarantee on all diesel tuning and programming, what have you got to lose?

4WD Exhausts

At East Coast Customs, we have a large range of exhaust options for your 4WD vehicle.

All our 4WD systems are made using aluminised, mandrel bent tube – built to perform and and guaranteed to last.  All systems are sold with market leading warranties and offer a cost effective way to ensure a significant upgrade for your 4WD.

A new exhaust system for your 4WD will help to unlock the engines full potential, whilst simultaneously delivering more power, more torque, smoother drivability and increased fuel economy.

We have systems tailored for all different applications, and can offer advice on the right pipe sizes, materials, mufflers, and other associated components.

For more information, give us a call today.

4WD Suspension

Here at East Coast Customs we offer a wide range of suspension options for 4WD vehicles.

Suspension systems are custom quoted for each vehicle, depending on vehicle type, load bearing, usage, budget, and expectations. No matter if for everyday driving, towing, or lifted and off road, you can rest assured that one of our in house suspension specialists will have the technical expertise to ensure we supply and fit the right suspension to your 4WD.

Don’t settle for the same “off the shelf” suspension answer offered by everyone else. Give us a call today to discuss how we can improve your 4WD suspension today.

4WD Intake

At East Coast Customs we have a range of different intake solutions for your 4WD vehicle to improve performance, fuel economy and driveability.

The most common upgrade for most 4WD is the fitment of an aftermarket intake snorkel. More than just a visual accessory, the intake snorkel offers protection for your engines intake system from water, dirt, and other contaminates under the harshest conditions. They also generally contain air ram technology, which improve performance under all conditions.

The fitment of a snorkel also ensures not only improved air flow and the ability to almost completely submerge your vehicle if ever necessary, but due to the fitment and location of the intake, ensures a fresher, cleaner, cooler, denser supply of air (in comparison with the factory engine bay location).

To discuss some intake options for your 4WD vehicle, give us a call today.

4WD Turbo Kits

The addition of a turbo kit to your 4WD vehicle is the ultimate way to ensure increase power, durability, economy, torque, and efficiency.

At East Coast Customs, we have plenty of experience in the fitment of various different turbo kits to 4WD vehicles, ensuring the most effective and economical way of improving performance and economy. Have your cake and eat it too with petrol power levels and diesel torque, economy, and reliability – all easily achievable with the fitment of any one of our 4WD turbo kits.

Our technicians have been specially training in turbocharger installation and tuning, ensuring the utmost reliability to pair with the incredible gains.

To talk about the addition of a turbo kit to your 4WD vehicle, give us a call today.

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Robby said this about East Coast Customs...

"After owning a few competitive cars, 15 mins on the dyno with Rob i knew more about my car and its drivability than with anyone else. My Federal Sil80 went in for a Nistune, and a tidy up. The ECC Teams workmanship and professionalism is remarkable. No undertaking the build on my 2JZ powered R34, i wouldn't trust it in the hands of anyone else. Not to mention the General work on our Mazda 3, Triton, Navara... Id recommend ECC to anyone! Thanks Guys......"

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